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Small traditional shop in the castle...

"Karagiozis" and other figures of greek
traditional shadow theater.

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"Missios" manor-house.

Very old manor-house in the city centre.

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Someone put neon lamps in his shop and the old market
became blue. Not well-muched but very effective. It
catched my eye at once.

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Birds (2)

This photo is taken last year, when we had cold winter.
I really would like to show it to you ,
The lake was frozen for a cuple of days and the birds could
stand on the water.

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"Frotzou Politeia" (2)

Traditional guest's house.

For coffee of titbits.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

This is our 100th post!!! " Frotzou Politeia "

This restaurant- cafe is a representative of the tradicional
architecture of Epirus.

Part of the view from the restaurant.

As I have already said this is our 100th post.
We are very happy that we are members of this wonderful,
warm, creative community.
Thank you all for your comments, help and encouragement.

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Okay, I know, smoking is a bad habit...

Unfortunately smoking is permited in public sector offices.
In your coundry doesn't?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Theme day: Men at work.

Demolition of an old hotel in the city centre.