Sunday, March 04, 2007

This is our 100th post!!! " Frotzou Politeia "

This restaurant- cafe is a representative of the tradicional
architecture of Epirus.

Part of the view from the restaurant.

As I have already said this is our 100th post.
We are very happy that we are members of this wonderful,
warm, creative community.
Thank you all for your comments, help and encouragement.


santy said...

congrats! and best of luck for more pictures :)

moyra said...

Been to that restaurant! keep posting I look forward to the pictures so much

Chris & Deb said...

Minneapolis congratulates you on this first big milestone!
Your photos today are breathtaking!!

Olivier said...

la maison est superbe et tres originale.
Felicitation pour ton 100th post, bonne continuité.

the house is superb and very original. Congratulation for your 100th post, good continuity.

Victoria said...

Congratulations on number 100! I love looking at all of your photos, and getting to experience a little bit of Ioannina!

Dsole said...


alice said...

I'm late...but BRAVO!