Sunday, August 19, 2007

So green, so calm...


Rambling Round said...

Indeed it is!

JoAnn - NL , Travelstories & Photography said...

Hi Ioannina,
I am so glad I found your blog because I have once been in Ioannina, and i love Greece, this way I can follow you phooblog about this city.

I have a blog with various travel pics' such as now Spian, but also France, and I ma myself from Holland, so most pic's will come from Holland, and beside that. 'whereever I go"

Your welcome to visit my blog, I added a link from yours o mine, so I will come back,

:) Bye from JoAnn

Jimmy Bloody Rose said...

όλες οι φωτο είναι πολύ καλές,μπράβο!
Αλλά αν θες βάζε σε κάθε φωτό από πού είναι.

~tanty~ said...

This is a calm and nice place. Would be nice to sit down under the tree in the sunny day.