Thursday, September 20, 2007

European mobility week - Ioannina.


Neva said...

A very colorful photo!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

very nice view, is that a week with all kinds of travelling? I am not familair with this kinda week. Just interested
:) JoAnn

ayelet said...


I couldn't fimd any other place to ask my question about Ioanina.
I want to come next month to travel at Ioaninna but I also want to go to the mountains to zagoria village.
my problem is that if I come, i'll come alone. so, is there any way for a young woman (19) to travel this area alone?
I hope U'll answer me, here or to my Email.

my Email add. is

DS2944 said...

Here in France we have, of course, the same mobility week.
I go to work with my bicycle every day but this week we were more two whels on the road : Great for the Earth, great for our body and great for personnal economy !!!

Ioanna said...

I thing that you'll have no problem to travel to zagoria alone. Our area is not so dangerous. If you arange with a travel agency of even alone for a hotel and things to do at Zagoria such as rafting, climbing, riding a horse, excurisions, you will find it very amusing and exciting. If you want any information about hotels and things to do let me know.
Where do you came from?

Bergson said...

A good European idea!
All with our bicycles and the calves grow bigger