Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Carnival 1. ("Karagiozis")

Carnival 1., originally uploaded by Ioanna_Art.

Greece is among the very few European countries that adopted shadow theatre, abandoning, however, its religious aspect and adding the provincial Greek culture's own uniqueness to it. Thus, shadow theatre slowly developed into an art form of its own kind, acquiring a Greek interpretation which also included music, acting and social satire incorporated with traditional folklore.
Karagiozis," as it is named in Greek for its main protagonist, was very popular during Ottoman rule. The puppeteer who stood behind the illuminated screen and masterfully moved the paper or leather-made puppets representing humans was known as the 'Karagiozopaihtis' (the "Karagiozis" player). The 'Karagiozopaihtis' brought to life the puppets by altering his voice according to the character and by changing the story line depending on his inspirations. In fact, he was responsible for all aspects of the play, as he was the mime, the writer, the musician, the singer, the stage-designer and the director.Through the main character, Karagiozis, a puppeteer would satirise authority figures and situations. Ugly and hunchbacked, Karagiozis represented the common folk, in a collision with everyone and everything unjust, whether it be a social or political injustice. He often pretended to be a man of all trades in order to find work and sought silly but cunning solutions to the various difficult and strange situations he'd get into. Karagiozis, the puppet character, is famous for his pranks, which he set up to tease those around him.


Lynette said...

Puppet? Costume? Either one, it's an attention-grabber.

Ioanna said...

Yes is the Greek version of puppet! I agree, he is an attention-grabber!

Axis Mundi said...

διαχρονικός ο "μαυρομάτης" μας!
Πολύ ωραία φωτογραφία.
Καλησπέρα κι απο εδώ

Peter said...

Hello Ioanna,

What does "Karagiozis" mean?

We have carnival in Ollandia as well.
But ours was one month ago of course because of the different dates for Catholic and Orthodox Easter/Pasxa.

Xairetismata apo tin Ollandia!

marley said...

Cool looking character!

The D in D & T said...

Really cool, love the colors, well shot!

Ioanna said...

You have right Peter. I should tell some things about him. I apologise! I have no time. This is a general problem i know. I have to manage to organize my time. Thanks for commeting. Greetings from Greece. :)

Peter said...

Euxaristo polu for your description of Karagiozis.

I think he is about the same as our "Jan Klaasen". Although "Jan Klaasen" is usually played with handpuppets instead of shadowpuppets.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful character and your post with words is really interesting to read. I learned a lot.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! Very cool! Interesting and well-seen and captured photo and interesting info.

kostas said...

Μπραβο Ιωαννα,αξια εκπροσωπος της Ελλαδας.Οι παρουσιασεις σου ειναι φανταστικες.
Καλη σου μερα και καλο τετραημερο!