Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pedestrianized street at night!

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Hans said...

From the book SWITZERLAND - (Eyewitness Travel Guides ISBN 0756605296)quote:
The main artery through this historic district is Niederdorfstrasse, a pedestrianized thoroughfare that is continued ....
.... by my laughter.

I understood what the word means (I was born in Zürich and know the Niederdorfstrasse quite well); but I never read pedestrianized before. So I looked it up – with GOOLGE (first), the word (at least) is in use (but not recognized by Merriam Webster OnLine).

May I say that I like this photo very much, thank you for posting it. And also for the title, especially for the word pedestrianized in it, making me happy with another laughter.