Friday, October 31, 2008

War invalid thinking of the past....

In the church, originally uploaded by Ioanna_Art.

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Finton said...

If the wisdom of mankind had advanced equally to that of science and technology I think, perhaps invalidly, that we would be much more capable of avoiding wars in this day and age. Have we not been able to discern that peace is much cheaper than war, not only materialistically but in pain and suffering? Ideologies I suppose are much more complicated than understanding DNA or splitting the atom, but how many more decapitations and burned and mangled bodies do people have to see before we realize that it is no more invalid to worship a tree than it is to worship a god we've never seen with our naked eyes? Why can't we just learn to 'Live and let live'? Have we not learned that all of the religious demands have always come either from the mouths of men and women or from some religious text such as the Holy Bible or Koran,but never from spiritual entities hovering over our heads. You would think that the average thinking adult would at the very least consider that just maybe religion is all the fabricated whim of mankind.

Finton Shaw