Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dogs in the city (1)

Dogs in the city (1), originally uploaded by Ioanna_Art.


Andreea said...

Is not cold there? I know winter time there is kind of cold. Poor dogs, no owners?

Ioanna said...

It is cold Andreea! Have you any blog or url?

Andreea said...

I am trying to do one for Los Angeles, the city I live in, but my life in America is so hectic,as America is and I did send an e-mail to Christos where I did thank you for your nice work. I visited Ioannina as I told you a year ago, but I was in Greece probably 17 times by now(I was a General Manager for Rilken in Europe) from 1992-1994 so I worked in Athens. Greece is going to be in my heart forever. I will never forget the beauties of your country, and also the cuisine. Greece has a lot of problems and political issues, but is a country where fun, food and hospitality are mixed together. While I was in your city, I remembered all of this stuff. If you look into Christos e-mail you can see my private e-mail address and I will finish up my blog as soon as I can.I speak a little bit of Greek, not so much, but Geia Sou kai harasou was on my lips most of the time.